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NYSF Magazine FEBRUARY 2020 Issue

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  • 28,000+ Readers
  • 42% are between 21-34 years of age
  • 70% are between 21-44
  • 90% are over 21
  • 31% earn over $100,000 annually
  • * Our readers are YOUNGER and HAVE HIGHER INCOMES than the market average*
  • 72% Male; 28% Female

Our Credo:

We believe the New York City Metropolitan Area is one of the greatest sports and entertainment destinations on the planet, and we consider it a privilege to highlight and promote it. The core of our model is local business partnerships and supporting our community. The entire staff of NYSF Magazine loves reporting on all of the local college, minor league and professional teams from the fan's perspective, because we are the fans. Because of this unique angle, we truly stand alone in the industry. 

With distribution in over 400 high-volume locations throughout Northern New Jersey - and new locations being added daily -  we take great pride in providing our advertisers an extremely cost-effective way to promote their brand to our loyal readers. 


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